The Benefits of InfoSnap Registration Solutions

We aren’t the leader in registration management for nothing. Our market-leading solutions save time, money and resources by using technology to optimize the process of registration for your school or district. There are many benefits of implementing InfoSnap for your district, and they help everyone involved in the registration process: staff, technology administrators, parents and the students themselves.

For staff and technology administrators

Perhaps the most valuable aspect of our Software as a Service (SaaS) is that it’s as paperless as you want. Every autumn, school staff spend hours compiling hundreds of papers into packets for families — packets which are then often misplaced or returned late and which can have illegible or missing information.

InfoSnap allows administrators to electronically issue forms to parents, track their completion progress and send timely notifications when the information is due. Once the forms are completed, the information is securely stored and easily accessed. This ensures that staff will save hours both at the beginning of and throughout the school year.

For parents and students

Parents are also delighted with InfoSnap’s solutions. Special features like supported Document Scanning allow parents to upload trailing documentation straight from their home computer and at their convenience, and SmartForm™ technology lets them stop and start when completing forms. Receiving regular notifications from the school helps them stay on top of their paperwork as well.

Once the data is collected, families can rest assured knowing that their sensitive information is kept private and secure. And should a parent ever encounter an issue, InfoSnap provides dedicated solution specialists who are familiar with that particular school or district.

InfoSnap’s solutions bring schools and districts into the 21st century, simplifying and smoothing the efforts of registration management. Discover your customized solution by requesting a demo.