Innovation Drives Efficiencies

Technology is driving the world forward and helping to locate and fix inefficiencies in every available industry. Registration management is no exception. InfoSnap has identified key pain-points in the registration management process and developed proprietary technological innovations to save districts time, money and resources.

Customized solutions

We understand that a “one-size-fits-all” program won’t work with different kinds of schools or across state lines, so our InfoSnap solution specialists collaborate with schools and districts to evaluate current processes and develop customized solutions. Based on your requirements, we implement automated systems to help with notifications so that district staff can sign off on specific student needs.

Go paperless

Each of our customized solutions is formed around our intuitive, cloud-based dashboards. The transition from paper to an online system creates numerous efficiencies: reduced costs for printing, mailing, staff hours, communications and more. With special features like the ability to electronically scan and upload documents, our solutions alleviate the burden of dealing with paper packets for both parents and staff. View more about the benefits of implementing InfoSnap HERE >>

Communicate school-wide

Each part of registration management involves a variety of administrators, staff and parents. Ensuring timely and accurate communication is crucial for driving productivity. And once student information is gathered, it’s important that certain data gets to the relevant parties. InfoSnap’s solutions keep nurses informed of students with specific allergies, transportation administrators alerted to address changes and more.

We aim to make the registration management process as easy as possible for you, your district and your families. Through technological innovations, we can help find the best efficiencies for your school.