How People, Process and Technology Build Better Systems for Schools

We live in the place where people, process, and technology come together to create innovative solutions for clients like you. Understanding and appreciating what each of those three components brings to the table is what has made us the leader in K-12 online registration management.


Everything we do would be impossible without the brilliant minds working tirelessly behind the scenes. We have a dedicated team of solution specialists who will work with each and every client to build a custom solution that will support both your staff and your families. Meet our team HERE >>


We find and fix inefficiencies within school systems by implementing process innovation. Our solution specialists use a consultative approach of discovery and development that creates a solution based on your policies and procedures. Our extensive experience with all types of districts helps to inform our recommendations, so you know you’ll always get the best possible system for your needs.


From SmartForm™ technology to the Data Integration Framework, we supply you with an innovative, secure, and scalable infrastructure. Using a paperless system means that you’ll make the registration management process infinitely easier for your staff, administration, and parents. With added special features like document scanning and automated notifications, our customized solutions use technology to your benefit.

People, process, and technology are at the heart of InfoSnap. Request a demo to discover what they can do for you.